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To meet all the "friends of Italy" who want to learn Italian from home or office, the Terramare school offers online courses of Italian Language and Culture.

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Choose the time you prefer (between 11:00 and 19:00 Italian time), to begin the lesson with one of our teachers according to the time zone of Italy - Click here: http://24timezones.com/ora_esatta.php.

Propose the topics that interest you simply by communicating via email in advance: you can have lessons completely customized according to your needs.

Choose the method of teaching congenial to your personal style of language learning Learn the Italian fun!

With a simple click you can connect using skype and simply adding your teacher linguaterramare.online to your contact list.

You can communicate directly with one of our teachers, asking questions and getting clarification on all your language doubts.

You will receive all course materials to work via email.

Contact us immediately to avoid losing these additional benefits that are valid until July, 15th 2020:

  • 10% reduction on the price of your course
  • no registration fee for courses of at least 20 hours
  • only 50% of the entry fee for the courses below the 20 hours


Individual flexible 1 hour € 28
Individual flexible 5 hour € 135
Individual flexible 10 hour € 250
Individual flexible 20 hour € 440
Individual flexible 30 hour € 600
Course One:Two - 5% discount
You want to study together with your best friend, your family or someone you got to know during the language course in other Italian language schools or in your hometown? That’s the perfect course for you!   5% discount until 31.7.2020   Weekly Program From Monday....
Travelling and Speaking Tuscany & Sardinia - 10%
This course is an educational journey through four Italian regions: Tuscany, Sardinia, Umbria and Lazio. It is a linguistic, historical and anthropological workshop where students get to know Italy and its language, travelling through four of the most scenically intact Italian regions.....
Online course - save 150 Euro
To meet all those "friends of Italy" who want to learn Italian at home or in the office, the Terramare school offers online courses in Italian language and culture. With us you will find the most suitable teaching method for your learning style; you will learn to speak....
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